At Amandla Power Group we specialize in installing your network cabling needs, providing wireless and ethernet network solutions for your business, or for your home.

We have nearly 20 years’ experience working in the IT field, and we work closely with IT companies to get the best equipment possible, in the right place, that will work for the right task. Now we’re taking our professional experience and offering it to our home customers too, because we understand that reliable cabling and network installation at home is just as important as it is at work.


Our services are bespoke and tailored to you. We can offer:

  • A full home or office network cabling solution installation

  • Installation of various networking solutions such as access points and routers

  • More complex cabling requirements such as server cabinets and patch bays
  • Testing and tracing of cables to replace faults or issues

  • A full professional service whether you’re a residential or commercial customer


To have any kind of wireless network, you’ll need a wired connection, and we have the skills and experience to ensure you’re installing the correct equipment from day one.

In an office environment, we can offer full office ethernet solutions to ensure a strong and stable connection for static workstations, and a full-coverage WiFI solution so everyone who needs it can have the freedom to move around and hot desk as required.

In a home environment, ensuring a safe connection is paramount. Ethernet might be useful for static PCs, but the wireless internet connections will need to be strong and able to cope with multiple devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and the rapidly expanding array of IoT (Internet of Things) devices that are turning standard houses into smart homes.


Good cabling solutions can help to ensure that all buildings in your home or office have fast and reliable internet access, and with the right cabling, we can help you to connect other buildings such as outbuildings and sheds, or offices across various floors and parts of your office campus.

Let that search for “the best WiFi spot” or the hunt for a working cable be a thing of the past with a multitude of cabling and router options, providing everyone with the access points they need to get online and get the job done just as you need them to at the right time, every time.