Here at Amandla Power Group, we pride ourselves on excellent workmanship, friendly staff and a knowledgeable team who are ready to help you to protect your home or business with safe and reliable CCTV equipment

Our state-of-the-art CCTV equipment is suitable for use on both commercial properties as well as residential properties and, due to our experience in dealing with high-quality networking and cabling installation, you know you’ll always get a reliable service with the best possible products.


You can never be too careful, and these days, having that little extra security in the palm of your hands really can make all the difference.

There are many different reasons people choose to get CCTV installed. The obvious reason is to catch anyone who has less than good intentions towards your property as evidence for any court cases, but just having visible CCTV cameras up can be a fantastic deterrent against those you’d rather keep out.

Many homeowners choose to get CCTV installed to protect their homes, and also their neighborhood, with options for remote viewing and movement alerts providing useful feedback for homeowners that are away from home.

Some homeowners even like to use their CCTV as wildlife cameras, to catch that fox in your garden and share his picture on social media!

Our CCTV services are bespoke and designed to suit you and your needs. From mounting poles to cameras and cables, we’ll make sure you get exactly what you need to keep your home or business property safe.


The range of options for installed CCTV these days is incredible, and there is really no excuse for those blurry hard to view images you see on some other CCTV options.

Installations now will give you the choice between video qualities, usually 720p HD, 1080 UHD, or stunningly clear 4k, with many utilizing infrared technology to provide a clear and sharp image even in the dead of night.

With more and more internet-connected options for home security, you will be able to connect your CCTV cameras up to your home or business, getting movement alerts right to your smartphone whenever they are detected, allowing you to see if it’s your neighbour collecting a missing soccer ball, your postman or courier delivering a parcel, or anyone else you may or may not recognize.

Some CCTV cameras even have talkback options so you can monitor and speak out loud, and sensors to listen for smoke alarms to alert you fast!